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it looks like we have both been off the speccy +3 for to long. The joystick ports are not kempston but interface 2 and they follow the numbers on the keyboard for direction and fire etc. The ports are OK for games that let you redefine the controls, so any game that lets you select a key for up, down etc should be fine.

Machine Name : (Amstrad) Sinclair Spectrum +2, +3,
Processor : Zilog Z80A at 3.75MHz.
Memory : 128k.
Backing Store : Cassette 1200 baud, built in.
Floppy Disk, 300k ? built in on +3.
Hard disk, Roumored !
Firmware : ZX colour basic, 128k basic.
Screen : Text 32x22x16.
Graphics 256x192. Colour res was only 32x22x16 !
Other I/O : 1200 baud Cassette +3 only.
Mono sound output.
Expansion connector.
2xJoystick interfaces.
TV Modulator.
And one of the Amstrad manufactured Spectrum +2 machines. These where basically the same machine as the origanal Sinclair Spectrum 128, but the +2 had a built in cassette deck and Sinclair interface 2 compatible Joysticks, though Amstrad in their normal fassion changed to pinouts !

Borrowed from Phill's Sinclair Page
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