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Originals I remember, mostly no longer in there boxes and in no particular order:

1. Life & Death
2. Shadow of the Beast (I couldn't get past the second level so I sold it)
3. Rolling Ronny
4. Turrican II
5. Zool 2 (not what I was expecting)
6. The Great Giana Sisters (took me nearly for years to find a copy, but someone in the office bought it when it came out so I completed it in a couple of weeks )
7. Manic Miner
8. Defender of the Crown (came bundled with my A500 and bored me to death)
9. Virus (too slow, but the archie bugs kept bitting )
10. Dark Seed
11. Wonderland: Dream The Dream (a gift from my sister, good-looking game for sure, but not my thing)
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