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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
Thanks for bringing this up! And also thanks ref for the ORIGINAL (!) scan instead of vague assumptions and pictures!
I think this is official enough to go in HOL now. Turkish language version added.
Incredible what little-known information is popping up after nearly 20 (!!) years of this game's first release!
I've also posted screenshots to my blog (mostly turkish) back then:

Again, because it's not easy to make it work under winuae, screenshots are taken from 1084's screen, anyway, it's more realistic looking and 90's magazines like.

And we are still waiting for galahad's crack (Errm, masterwork...). As I say "we" I mean "Turkish retro scene".

Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
We're glad to help if we can. Unfortunately, we're not even near Turkey, so I can't send a dumping board. Maybe when KryoFlux is ready...

EDIT: if you're in Finland however... we might have someone... in your country...
Hi, mr.vince, I'm living in istanbul now, the info on the forum is a bit outdated. Ok, I'm saving these disks for dumping I guess it can took years to find a proper SPS hardware, so do you recommend a special way to preserve the disks and protect them from rotting? I'm trying to keep them in a dark and dry place, I guess it'll be enough until the magnetism on disks wear out in time.

Still, I'm kind of happy because i managed to pass the adf disk images to galahad succesfully. The ball is at the hands of galahad right now.
Next, I'll scan the box, manuals, warranty card and teasers, just looking for a good scanner

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