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Originally Posted by whiteb View Post
And what does that byte manipulation do ?
Long story short? Crashes real hardware, works in emulation.

And in what way, is ENCRYPTING kickstart images not modifying it ?
That's not unlike suggesting that removing copy protection modifies a game. Yes - in a technical sense, it's true, but in the end, if the game plays exactly the same way, is it relevant?

Cloanto was asked to do these things to receive rights to distribute the Kickstarts, they didn't decide to do them on their own. It takes about two minutes to write a quick C app to decrypt the images yourself, and/or you can "dump" them from within the emulated environment just like a real Amiga and get the unencrypted versions that way. The only Kickstart this doesn't work with is 3.1 for the reasons given above.

If you disagree with Cloanto selling this stuff, that's fine, though I personally think they at least made an attempt to keep things above-board and expose emulation to less-technical people. Clearly, their business model has been successful thus far, or they wouldn't keep doing it. I just object to FUD being spread and wanted to get the facts out there.

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