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yeah i wanna install your Classic OS bloodwych.... i'm only reluctant to do if i get a problem..... i know loads about PC and windows... but no really much about the Amiga OS (i was only a teenager back then, and only really played Games, watched demos and muck around with Amos...)

Now i have the linkup and HD... i'm trying to get back into more of the advanced side of the Amiga.... i always found it easier to do stuff from scratch,so i know whats going on.... if i make a mistake with your install is it easy to revert back to a standard OS.

My HD has one 2MB partition (Workbench: )and an 83MB partition Harddrive: ).... what am i going to have to do in this case?

Thanks for all your help Bloodwych, i don't want to piss anyone off for asking simple questions... i'm a nubie all over again LOL

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