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i've noticed there are some hard disk images knocking around .LHA files. how do i use these?
On WinUAE's harddrives page, click on "add directory or archive", then on "select archive" and select the lha archive. It will then be used as harddrive in AmigaDOS. You need a Workbench ADF or an installed Workbench, though, to view the contents. Otherwise you'd only get a DOS prompt with no working commands.

are there any other methods people would recommend? i.e. a custom controller for an amiga external floppy?
There are many methods. You could connect your real Amiga to the Pc through serial cable or network. You could connect a PC-readable medium to the Amiga (e.g. compact flash card).

There also is a custom PCI controller for standard PC floppy drives which can read Amiga floppy disks:

And there is a do-it-yourself project to connect Amiga floppy drives to the PC:
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