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Originally Posted by onkelarie
however, I find it quite unique that some people think the Youtube movies have better soundquality than a native A500/A1200
No offense, but that's fact in many situations. MODs are often 8kHz 8 bit samples upsampled with no interpolation. And it doesn't sound better when the final output channels are panned 100% left/right. It's like screaming out how raw the sound is. Youtube is aprox. 96-128kbit 44kHz 16 bit, imagine how much nicer sounds you can put in that. And if you're one of the bias-based guys that thinks 128kbit is bad no-matter what, then it's reverse-placebo (or something like that). 128kbit can sound very nice, but a jump up to 192kbit is noticable in many cases. More than that is often hard to notice for the average person.

I'm not an anti-paula guy, I'm just an Amigan while I also can comprehend that paula isn't a special chip anymore. It can sound nice if you do 28kHz 14 bit software mixing, but that's not interesting. It's like having a cheap sound card.. The raw sound is more interesting imo, and it's way more common on the Amiga. Protracker does hardware mixing in 8 bit 22-28kHz.

Paula + Equalizers and mixers != native Amiga sound. Well it kind of is, but you get what I mean.
Try to sample a non-chip (not sinus, but a more advanced sample) bass sound in protracker on an A500 and connect it to a PA system and crank up the volume. You'll get a noisy and distorted bass sound.

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