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Yes, he uses filtersweeps and glitches every now and then. however, I find it quite unique that some people think the Youtube movies have better soundquality than a native A500/A1200 Keep in mind that the Amiga's and mixer are hooked up to a loud PA system in those movies and with the right EQ adjustment, deep loud basses are not a problem from a native Amiga. On top of that, Ctrix uses monochannels on the mixer, all panned centered, thus eliminating the left/right problem.

And why is the description misleading and lying? Here's an excerpt from it:

"just the built in outputs being mixed externally by a DJ mixer. The entire set (much more than just this tune!) easily fits on 4 x 880k floppy disks.
The music is playing out of Protracker 2.1a booted from a floppy with a striped down operating system in order to get enough RAM to play the tunes."

He already mentioned that the soundsource is Amiga, **being mixed externally by a DJ mixer**. That's not lying. That's admitting that the soundsource passes DSP.

More info on how he achieves such 'his' sound can be found here:
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