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First off, that's not a 512kB A500. It's an A1200, which means 2MB or even more. And these are huge sound samples (many of them are probably up to the max 64kB protracker limit), I really doubt they all fit in 512kB....

And he use an advanced mixer with sweep effects and stuff, there's no way you get this sound from a pure A500. Well you can, but the bass and stuff won't be that deep and good. Guess what makes them do that? The mixer he use.. The description in the video is lying and misleading. Amiga 500 sure sounds good for its time, but trying to squeeze it in the new generation that it 'can do this amazing club sound' is very wrong.

Nevertheless, I've heard some of his MODs on my Amiga though, he's pretty good at making house music.
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