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*YAWN* morning everyone. Sleep done. Now onto business while my brain is fresh.

Djay, I told you that you might as well just install my Classic WB or you'll keep on having questions! Even if you just install it in WinUAE so you can learn from it's setup!

To answer your questions:

The reason you can't use more than 16 and 8 colours for prefs in WB is that it's been programmed only to allow you to use this many colours, regardless of what screenmode you're in. The extra colours will be used however in applications such as multiview or programs that open on workbench. JPEGS will look much nicer and games such as colonization will be able to map the correct colours. Performance, as Akira said, will drop but not too badly due to the A1200's 32-bit design. What's hurt more is chipram.

The reason the WB colours are difficult to manage is due to the way the palette works. Without patches, the WB uses the first four and LAST four of any given colours in a screenmode for the WB icons. That means in an 8-colour screenmode you could set all the colours correctly for MagicWB icons but as soon as you jump up to 256-colours, 4 of correct colours are now contained at the start of the palette (colours 1-4), while the others are at the end of the palette (colours 253-256). All the correct colours need to be situated in the first 8 (colours 1-8) for icons to continue to look correct.. In other words they need to be “locked” into place so there position in the palette doesn’t keep shifting. This is hard to explain without graphics, so I’ll whack a link here if I find a suitable page.

Due to the WB working like this, in order for icons to remain the correct colours in all screenmodes you need a program to "lock" the correct colours in place. These programs are usually in the user-startup script and booted with the WB as used in my Classic WB LITE. If you install and configure the brilliant Scalos (like in my FULL/ADV Classic WB), it allows you to lock colours in place easily and gives you much greater control of the palette without the need for any patches.

Therefore all my Classic WB's have such programs in order to handle colour mapping which is why the icons always look correct regardless of screenmode settings. These progs can be found on Aminet (such as fullpalette) so download and experiment.

Now let's get back specifically to your situation:

It looks like you've got a standard 2MB A1200. If so, forget about running in a screenmode higher than 8 colours. Any higher and you'll have no chipram for HD games and rather crap performance. My Classic WB LITE was designed specifically for this setup, offering maximum features but using the least memory possible so HD games still run fine. It also has your recent purchase Ami2PC pre-installed so you're laughing - it couldn’t be more ideal!

Hope this helps.

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