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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
That's fundamentalist nitpicking, the assortment of effects is not excessively used, it's just as much as anyone would use it in a live performance. The music itself is fucking well produced and he makes some of the best sounding mods I have heard.

i dont believe it's nitpicking at all. The effects ARE extensively used throughout the live performance - if you cant hear (or even see) that, then I think you are only fooling yourself. I've managed to DJ for many years without the need to use effects that much, so it is a lie to say "as much as anyone would use it in a live performance." - something like that is totally dependent on the individual performer.

I never questioned the quality of the music writing, so I dont see why you feel the need to use expletives in order to make your point Akira. I agree, it's very good - but the effects used are a massive part of the videos being highlighted in the original post of this thread.

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