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20 Years of Kick Off 2 - UK Celebration Event

Anyone remember the classic that was Kick Off2 by Dino Dini and Steve Screech ? Ahead of its time back in the day and still enjoyed all over Europe by many today

Players from all over the UK will be meeting up in Birmingham on 10 October 2009. We'll be hiring out a hotel conference room where we set up our Amiga hardware (yep, we're talking old skool gaming here) and play using KO2CV (Competition Version). This 1-day event will comprise a league where everyone plays everyone, a fun cup competition, big screen games and of course the crowning of the new UK Champion!

I'd like to invite you to this very special annual gathering. Players of all levels will be attending, some of whom play regularly and others not. Newcomers are very welcome too. First and foremost, its about having a laugh with friends who share an affection for the great game that is Kick Off 2.

If you ever were a KO2 fan, then you'll sure to love this! Find out more and join the fun by clicking here. or post in this thread

It may seem a bit daunting with the thought of meeting up with a load of strangers somewhere but if even if you have a mild interest then these tournaments are the one's to go for. Two people who are now regular hosts attended the 2005 UK Champs - were beaten soundly - but enjoyed the banter, games and being in the company of people who enjoyed a classic game and now? They'r now two of the best players in the country.
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