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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Ouch, now there's a tough game. I never did get the hang of it really, I fail horribly at fighting without getting hurt.
really? it was kind of easier than the most of shoot em up games i have ever played, at least the first level: i never did go past that because of a faulty copy that crashed the game when loading the second level.
now that i tryed it, that too isn't that difficult, just easy to get lost in its mazes!
the trick to get past the fights, at least the various melèes, is to place yourself in the right spot, and then hack away. actually it's kind of luck based more than ability: once you see you got in the wrong place, simply get back and take some distance or exit and reenter the screen...
that about the combat and the very crappy implementation of the inventory and the menu and the slowing downs they caused are the lame part of the game, the rest is very cool!
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