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Ok thanks for all the help guys. Im sure i'll get something sorted soon, sorry if theres any errors with my posts or something, im using YDL on PS3 and it refuses to give me an english keyboard, so it thinks my K/B is american, hence the 2 and the @ key are reversed, as well as the # and the GBP key are also different, in fact i dont think american keyboards have a GBP key.

Also how do i activate CrossDOS, i know you said how, but i have no folders or directories that are anything like that. I have nothing called storage or Dos Drivers.

All my workbench has is 'Prefs, System, Utilities, Startup, Expansion, Shell, Trash and a couple of others, something like that'

I've had the PC0 and DF0 once before, but i cant seem to get it again. I just formatted a DSHD floppy as 720kb in my pc and put it in my amiga and it lists it as DF0:?????, but theres no PC:0.

Im not even sure if my PC floppy drive is formatting properly, i get something like 'verifying 720kb' or something, then a few seconds later i get '0 percent complete' and bam the screen closes before it goes up, i did it once before and it actually worked up to 100 percent before closing, so maybe the disk had no data so it did it instantly?

So once i get CrossDOS working, all i need to do if write .ADF's to 720kb PC formatted DSHD floppys, then cover the holes over, and put them in my amiga and it'll work? Or does the hole need to be taped over before i format them as 720kb.

And do i format them as 720kb on the pc or the amiga, from what your saying i format them on the amiga, put it in my pc, copy files onto the disk, cover the hole (maybe do that before i format it on my amiga) and bung it into my Amiga. Hey Presto! Or not.

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