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Originally Posted by EreWeGo View Post
I have an ".hdf" called "a1200.hdf. It's stored on /hda1/amiga/hdf/a1200.hdf

What I tried in my config:
Is the file name a1200.hdf in all lower case? Linux knows the difference between uppercase and lowercase. Does your emulator setup also have access rights to the hdf file?

Originally Posted by EreWeGo View Post
This didn't work, but what would I use for the "filesystem" options? In your example above, it looks like you have a folder called "Files" - as well as having an hdf, do I need to have an extracted version of the WB drive in a folder?
No. The files setup is to allow files that have been placed on my hd in my linux setup. This allows the Amiga emulation to get access to them. The hdf's are one big file system stored in a single file. The filesystem keyword allows access from the amiga side to the linux file system.

Winuae has the same function, the GUI calls it (going from memory) directory access/being able to use a directory containing Amiga files as if it was an Amiga hd.
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