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Hi From Warrington!


I'm Pete from Warrington, i'm 30 and i've been gaming since i got my toshiba back in the 80's (no really, a tosh)
Christmas of 1992 however i opened a large colourful box which was to change my life for ever.
It was my first Amiga. I got the A600 with the game pack including Putty, Pushover and a few others.
needless to say i'd been hooked since the summer when my m8 showed me his A500+ with external hard drive attachment and games like another world, flashback, dune 2 and tailgunner!

i still have my a600 although its in a cupboard sleeping, its right hand amiga key is busted and the mouse doesn't click anymore but i still love it and i'll repair it one day.
I did aquire two A500's a couple of years ago, one from a smokers home so cleaning suggestions welcomed!

but last night i was 13 again, i installed Winuae, booted up a copy of Walker and you know it was AMAZING!
i'm now looking on how to read the stacks of amiga floppies i have in my cupboard, there's some save games i'd LOVE to revive, especially my frontier elite 2 saves

anyways, i hope i can contribute something to the forum, and if i find any rare coverdisks or old manuals or owt that'd be useful i'll post em up! glad i found some like minded Amiga lovers tho
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