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products we sold brand new a year ago such as Indivision 1200 are presently selling at 50% more than our list price in the second hand market..
I am just on the outside looking in, but was this is down to initial poor quality control / testing on the part of Individual Computing (remember the nightmare stories of them not fitting correctly over HP Lisa chips) and inadequate marketing from their sales partners leading to production being cancelled before demand really took off?

It seemed to me that by the time the "ordinary" Amiga 1200 owner got to know the product existed, where to get it from, evaluate the early adopters findings and save up enough money they were no longer being produced. (I am sure it is much more complicated than that. That people necessary for more production runs were committed to other things etc.)

I'd be interested to know about the story behind the cancellation of the production of Indivision AGA 1200

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