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Hi Dreedo,

It sounds like you haven't got CrossDOS installed.

The standard DOS driver for CrossDOS is PC0:, which corresponds to DF0:. This driver will allow your Amiga to read and write 720kB MS-DOS disks.

You can activate the CrossDOS driver whenever you boot by moving the PC0 icon to Devs/DOSDrivers. To temporarily activate the DOS driver, double-click on the icon in Storage/DOSDrivers. The DOS driver is activated until you reboot.

When you activate the CrossDOS driver, the Workbench displays two icons for any disk inserted in the drive: one for PC0: and one for DF0:. For an MS-DOS disk in DF0:, Workbench displays an icon with the disk's name and an icon labelled DF0:????. For an Amiga disk, Workbench shows the usual floppy icon and another labelled PC0:????.

With the CrossDOS driver activated, when you insert a disk into the floppy drive, there is normally a brief delay between the appearance of the DF0: disk icon and the PC0: disk icon.

To format the disk in the Amiga's floppy drive as a 720kB PC floppy, select the PC0: icon and choose Format from the menu. To format the disk as an 880kB Amiga floppy, simply select the DF0: icon instead.

For splitting and joining files see Aminet:
Hint: chunker 1.7 comprises an Amiga and MS-DOS solution.
BTW, You can extract .LHA files on the PC with WinRAR prior to transferring them to the Amiga.

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