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Using CrossDOS to transfer files.

Im really confused, well sort of, i know this is nothing new, i keep asking questions about transfers.

I saw some posts that users use crossDOS to use PC floppies formatted as 720kb floppies to transfer files across, i wondered how that is possible.

Heres my issues:

- Formatting floppy on amiga, works well, but PC cant read the floppy disk and asks to format it.

- Formatting floppy on pc as 720kb using WinXP, get .lzh or .lha or whatever its called onto the floppy, but when inserted into amiga it cannot read it and asks to format the disk.

You cant use .lzh or .lha on an amiga without some software as far as i know, and all .adf's are too big to fit onto my floppy, so i imagine i have a use a splitter(?) or something and fit them on 2 floppy disks.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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