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AB3D - playable on vanilla 1200, smooth on 030, on 060 just rocks. Great game.

AB3D2 - Remember paying the AF demo in may 1996 on A1200+4mb Fast+SD/FF. Atmosphere was awesome, gfx was impressive, speedwise it was playable too. Full game on the other hand was nothing like the demo:S Still playable, but slow and difficult, haven't finished it still yet on 060.

Testament - played demo back in 1997 on a plain A1200. Speed was good, I liked the outside section with trees and stuff. Remember reading about plans to release sequel too in 1998 or something, but it didn't happen. Remember even seeing screenshots of Testament 2. Does the Testament have a WHDLoad slave nowdays?

Breathless - Good game, gets gradually more difficult, nice "sharp" gpx, but lacks the atmosphere of AB3D. Customizable to run satisfactiorily on all AGA machines. Authors were dissapointed in sales and cancelled plans for sequel and multiplayer/RTG patch or something

Gloom/Gloom Deluxe - Pure shooting and sidestepping action, similar to Speedball 2

Nemac 4 - Didn't like it. Will try again on 060. Did it support RTG too?

Citadel - Tried it 10-12 years ago, screen was kinda blurry and game itself kinda buggy and crashed often on my machine.

Genetic Species - Good and solid experience. Impressed even my PC-buddies when it was released Will it work with Mediator+Voodoo3 too?
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