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How many amiga games do you have?

Ive done a search on this topic and it says all the above words were either too short/long or too common lol so ive decieded to ask anyway.

I know piracy is a bit of a grey area and certainly frowned upon on many other forums but i guess psp games are still being sold so thats understandable lol

I just wondered, if like me you like playing games on WINUAE, how many do you actually own? a few of the classics, hundereds or like me....

all of them? :-)

I got online in 2005 and replacing my broken, corrupt games was my 1st priority. I remembered in 96 having a version of project X with invicibility cheat and i accidentally copied over disk one with a song i had made in octamed. I was gutted as i got my games from friends at school and i had left years ago so replacing my game was impossible. After browsing the net i discovered a wonderful site called which is often mentioned on here for aquiring games so i guess its ok to talk about. I must have spent years downloading all my fave games and the gems i never had but wanted, such as dynamite dux and a trained version of double dragon 2.

Im a bit of a completist (if theres such a word) as with my emulators i use on my psp and pc, i like to have all the games/roms. My c64/amstrad/speccy/gameboy/snes/megadrive rom collections are pretty much 99% full. I recently discovered the complete collection of amiga games which was 11 1gb links from megaupload. I now have a pretty much complete amiga games collection. Its doubtful il ever play a quarter of the games but its nice to know thier all there if and when i fancy a browse.

Does you have a big collection of amiga games like me or just a few hundred favorites?
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