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Thanks for the advice, I'll take a look into those.
I was looking more for Amiga specific assembly books than generic 68k ones though, I'm hacking in assembly on quite a few platforms already, so writing (bad) code that works it's not a problem, optimizations can come later... now I just want my old school demo to get going!

And even if now it's secondary (imho) I don't want to overlook writing good assembly code, In fact just today I got from amazon US this one:
"Microcomputer Architecture and Programming: The 68000 Family", John F. Wakerly

You should have woken up and replied earlier PMC!

Mainly my problem now is that I'm on vacation in Japan and even if I find the hardcopy books I won't be able to get them here in a reasonable time, that's why I was looking for some digital version.
I know I know, I should have done this research earlier...

Edit: just bought the System Programmer's Guide for a ridiculous price on amazon US

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