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Reviving my old A1200 :)

Firstly I like to say hi to everyone from Lancashire UK.

Right, my Amigas (500 + 1200) have spent far too long in their boxes on top of the wardrobe and it's time to revive my good old friends!

I've just purchased a CF to IDE adaptor, a 2.5" 44 - 44 pin drive cable and I'm about to order a 4GB CF card when I work out where's the cheapest.

Now, I've just been thinking about how I'm going to install WB on this card... My 1200 didn't originally didn't come with a HD so I'm pretty sure I don't have a WB Install disk Could I make an install onto the CF card using WinUAE and then plug it into the 1200? If so, any hints, tips or directions for doing this please?

Oh, another question if I may? Connecting to the Internet... I gather I'll need a shed load more memory - can anyone suggest how to add this cheaply? Oh again, a PCMCIA network card; will either of these be suitable?


eBay PCMCIA Wireless LAN Card

Thanks very much for any help!


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