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Originally Posted by haynor View Post
Yeah, wife and kid might be a "problem" here. I'm expecting my first child at the end of august. Right now I have some spare time but mostly I'm not in mood to play. From august probably I'll be busy all the time.
learn to not sleep, my daughter is 11 yrs old now, i havent once stop playing games.. PSX-PC-PS2-XBOX360-Wii-PS3 since the Amiga...

infact my wife doesnt like gaming, i have had to wait until quite late to start a gaming session

no sleep...

my daughter loves gaming, she has her own online account on PSN, plays LittleBig Planet and GTAIV.. hell i'll admit it... Animal Crossing on DS and Wii together (each own a console)

for me gaming isnt a choice any longer, i have to play, if it isnt COD MW2 (pretty good too) then its Turrican II on my A1200 today and then Turrican on my A600, dedicated or what...

but hey that still leaves me time to check ebay, check HOL, post here a bit, check

as i said no sleep
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