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Good stuff

Hmm, Amigakit better stuff 4 of these in a machine for testing as soon as they can, so bugs in a completely other product doesn't affect sales... (quite a phenomenon this, being instantly met with chuckloads of skepticism.)

But I guess they don't get'em until a couple of weeks either. So. Patience

Or if 3640 owners is a large part of the market, then using 4x size chips to make a 512MB board could be a good way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Any 512MB limit, well if it's in the kickstart it is at least possible to patch it.

One might chuckle at 1.75 GB for Amiga, but actually that amount of memory might be a way out of needing hardware 3D acceleration to get decent 3D on a stock Amiga, if someone makes an unlimited detail / intelligent-memory algorithm to use it all. So get cracking on that bug guys
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