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Originally posted by Oscar Castillo
The NeXT systems didn't sell wel to end users. But they were a hit with developers. It was far too much, too soon. Stuff we are seeing today in OS X, but slightly modified came from NeXT.
When Jobs left Apple he took the style and clearly the genius engineers with him. I mean these systems were beautiful and powerful!! Take your pick!!! I am a wealth of NeXT info and pictures, so if anyone want to see more including the actual NeXT Cube brochure in PDF let me know. It's too big to attach.
When I make more deskspace I'll set up my NeXT Cube and snap a pic of it.
If you are a NeXT guru then maybe you can help me with a problem I have at work with NeXT OS. We run just about 500 Campaq machines with NeXT OS installed for custom Bank stock trading applications. The project started out serveral years ago on NeXT hardware but had to be changed to PC hardware when NeXT got out of the hardware business and ported to x86. The issue is that several machines loose connection to the network everyday and have to be rebooted. Yes I mean you have to push the power button wait 40 seconds then push it again. This is a pain for my department because we have better things to do then micromanage NeXT OS Compaq machines. Were too busy fixing and building Bank web applications to be bothered with this but it interupts our work flow. Thanks in advance for any help.
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