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Arrow Titanic and more...

Hey, what about James Cameron’s Titanic? I once read they used many Newtek Toasters for rendering the Titanic at sea. Can anyone confirm this?

Edit: I have some more trivia:

Team Hoi (of Venom Wing, Hoi, Clockwiser-fame) also produced in 1993 a commercial for a peanut butter company in The Netherlands. The commercial was fully created with an Amiga. It had some little boys running around a house. The whole house could be viewed side-on like in Little Computer People.

A Dutch news-journal for kids used for its weather-forecast animated clouds, rain and sun all created on Amiga. They have used the graphics for almost four years. If anyone is interested in a Dutch article about this, I can put it online within two weeks.

Adamski’s legendary song/ videoclip ‘Killer’ (vocals by Seal) featured a section where some afro-guy is dancing on moving grey-slabs on an orange background. This trivia was explained in the July 1990 edition of CU Amiga.

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