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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
I've read the books as well, though don't remember all the details. However, Romero does comment about how he was "dealing with all that stuff" concerning the Doom explosion; he was out doing publicity and public relations work while the rest of the team was busy doing Quake and those other games.
It was definitely Romero that was responsible for "the other games" (Hexen, Strife, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, etc.) as Carmack had no interest in doing anything with the outdated software. At least according to what I read. Perhaps I should read it again, but now I'm also very much doubting that what is written there is completely accurate (it is supposed to be approved by both Carmack and Romero).

There was plenty of bad blood between C & R during that time, so I guess the truth will be left in the middle. Who cares anyway, its old cows now.
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