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havin an pld pc is ok as long as you got some were to put it thats
not in the way and has acess to sockets and a network cabling
u can even go wireless and remote desktop

i use remote desktop and i can also use my usb hub swithch as my main
keyboard an mouse is usb also handy for usb external drive an ive just
orderd a usb c64/amiga style kemston joystick copy for winuae

as pionted out by others the old pc can be left on 24/7 so pasive
cooling is best and you have a useful bitorrent box to boot

and if u can find somthin thats slightly arkane and antwacky!
that adds to the fun lol

i wish i hadnt skipt them old ibm xt's a few years back
or that old amstrad 1512

ok u get the idea
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