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lol ok thanks for the info.

EDIT: Updated the Amiga's page, now with photos of all the Amiga's.

EDIT#2: I would do game reviews, but im broke, and still cant get games onto my amiga, i have a PC floppy drive and my amiga, and 2 HD 1.44mb floppies, but that doesnt help me much, i dont really know what to do with them, i dont think i can just buy blank amiga discs then put data from pc onto them and use them on Amiga, as PC's cant use Amiga floppies without spending money. lol.

Tried putting a game under .lzh compression onto a 1.44mb HD floppy formatted as a 720kb floppy, but my Amiga couldn't read it, just listed it as DF0: and not PC0:.

EDIT#3: ITS A NEW DAY! Currently the record of the most unique users in one day was 61 on the 16th of March 2010. Yesterday (21st of March 2010) we achieved 29 unique users in one day, the 3rd highest day so far.

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