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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
hm, strange. Romero tells a different story than the book; in the book it is said that Carmack threw him out because he was behaving too much like a rock star and he was fed up with it.
I've read the books as well, though don't remember all the details. However, Romero does comment about how he was "dealing with all that stuff" concerning the Doom explosion; he was out doing publicity and public relations work while the rest of the team was busy doing Quake and those other games. It seemed as though Carmack was less interested in being in the spotlight, but maybe came to resent that later? Romero describes him as becoming increasingly withdrawn, closing into himself more and more as the programming challenges grew more and more complex.

I think that once Romero had achieved so much fame, it was tough to shut himself up in a dark room again and deal with code 24/7. Imagine trying to do that while having a beautiful girlfriend and a Ferrari.
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