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Dopus Magellan II and WinUAE

I use Dopus Magellan II and WinUAE 8.21 r4 and have problems with the speed at which I can set WinUAE at with it. I have to set WinUAE to 'Adjustable between CPU and Chipset' instead of 'fastest possible', otherwise WinUAE will crash and reboot the emulation.

I find 'fastest possible' to be better for my system, but I can't use this because it crashes Dopus. If I leave it on Adjustable, SetPatch for OS3.5 refuses to load and the 'Boot with no startup sequence option dosen't work! (freezes WinUAE). 'I have to keep on switching between fastest possible and adjustable just to boot my WinUAE HD.

Is there some setting I have on which can cause this sort of problem? Turning JIT off works, but it goes sloooow.

Is there a utility to switch CPU 'speed' on-the-fly Toni?

Please help!
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