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recently bought a 22" Samsung LCD and connected new A1200 via RGB scart, of course on a larger screen the wobble would probably be worse, but it is still noticeable on a 22

i played around with the controls

setting to 4:3, using natural colour, for some reason turning down the sharpness to 0-5 fixed most of the wobble to an "ok" level... it seems to move white edge lines behind the black lines..

playing games etc isnt too bad at all, using workbench and apps tend to show wobble more, static screens can be bad

strangely, i have turned it on and the wobble has gone and its sharp, then the wobble starts...

i have also got an old A600 connected via composite, the screen is solid but its blurry (what you would expect)

i have turned everything off in my house ie wifi, high power devices (could of been interference picked up on the cable (they are never shielded enough)

i think its more to do with refresh rates on LCD

has anyone tried a cheap VGA adaptor and LCD screen?
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