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Question Classic Amiga (and other) Video Game Intros


I hope you all won't mind and if you do I promise not to post any updates in this thread again (it wouldn't go outside of it anyway).

That said... I'd like to let you all know guys that my YouTube channel with Classic Video Game Intros has seen some updates over the last couple of weeks and now the amount of Introductions grew from 154 to 207. I'd also like to mention that I add new videos daily and if I know I won't be able to do that on a particular day I try to add more day earlier or after.

Also for those who knew about it already I just wanna say that the links to Game Intros playlists have changed slightly and currently are:

All Intros
(more than one link as YT only allows 200 videos per each playlist) - 207 clips:

And here are Opening Sequences (Intros) from above playlist divided into their respective platforms/gaming systems:

Commodore Amiga 500/600/1200 - 89 clips:

Classic PC 286/386/486 - 109 clips:

Super Nintendo (SNES) - 10 clips:

SEGA Genesis (Megadrive) - 11 clips:

I hope you don't mind this too much... Anyway, if anyone's interested I welcome all comments and ratings! Also I'm gonna include a little poll along with this post to sort of help me decide how I want those Game Intros Videos to progress.

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