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Originally Posted by WDeranged View Post
Here are a few of the images I wrote which failed to boot (though some got past the cracktros)

Batman - The Movie (1989)(Ocean)[cr][a].adf
James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod (1991)(Millennium)[cr SKR][a3].adf
New Zealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean)[cr ACC].adf
Paradroid 90 (1990)(Hewson)[cr CLS][a].adf
Typhoon Thompson (1989)(Broderbund)[cr QTX][t +1 Miracle][a2].adf
Toki (1991)(Ocean)[cr Defjam][t +4 Setrox].adf

One game did work.

Defender of the Crown (1986)(Mindscape)[a6](Disk 1 of 2).adf
Defender of the Crown (1986)(Mindscape)[a6](Disk 2 of 2).adf
Originally Posted by WDeranged View Post
My A1200 is one of the new old stock ones from amigakit so maybe Kickstart 3.1 is my issue then, can't really test until tomorrow though.
It could be Kickstart 3.1, but if your A1200 is an Escom AT1200, then the floppy drive interface is likely to be the bigger problem.
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