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Originally Posted by xpect View Post
AVI is just a container, as is MP4, MKV, OGM and so on. The type of compression is what defines the type of video decoder needed. As far as AVI4HV goes, the original video beeing h263 (divx,xvid and others), h264 (x264, and many commercial others) or <put your preferred format codec here> is not important. Only VirtualDub (or other tool) has to deal with those types of different supported encoding formats and has to be able to load the respective type of supported containers. This way VirtualDub can process and convert to the needed 16-bit 320pixels uncompressed AVI format. Being AVI the container and the 16-bit uncompressed data the format.
So for AVI4HV the only important format is the last one which is the only supported. In what format the videos are encoded is only relevant for the processing tool, in this case VirtualDub. I hope this will be more clear to you.
Okay, thanks for the explanations, I thought containers like MP4 were in fact the compression formats. I think it's more clear now. That's why they all fail when I use them except for MPEG1 ones.

Maybe the culprit on your side could be indeed the version of VirtualDub, maybe is outputting a wrong 16-bit uncompressed data or the AVI RIFF header can't be 100% understood by avi4hv.
It should be something like that. I have to try with the last version of VirtualDub, maybe it will work better.

Those versions (avi3hv, avi2hv) need a 100% compatible DOS environment and don't work on the emulated XP CMD.

Maybe i'll assemble a WIN98SE virtual machine and try from there if I have time and patience.
Let's cross our fingers then !
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