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I was referring to images from the TOSEC archive, though now you mention the features in the latest release of EasyADF I'm pretty sure I've got an older version.

I'm not with the Amiga again till tomorrow but I'll check if I'm up to date and try the same images as soon as I get it.

Here are a few of the images I wrote which failed to boot (though some got past the cracktros)

Batman - The Movie (1989)(Ocean)[cr][a].adf
James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod (1991)(Millennium)[cr SKR][a3].adf
New Zealand Story, The (1989)(Ocean)[cr ACC].adf
Paradroid 90 (1990)(Hewson)[cr CLS][a].adf
Typhoon Thompson (1989)(Broderbund)[cr QTX][t +1 Miracle][a2].adf
Toki (1991)(Ocean)[cr Defjam][t +4 Setrox].adf

One game did work.

Defender of the Crown (1986)(Mindscape)[a6](Disk 1 of 2).adf
Defender of the Crown (1986)(Mindscape)[a6](Disk 2 of 2).adf
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