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What we have...

Notebook Mainboard with a Core Duo CPU @ 2GHz, 2GB Ram, 120 GB HDD, 54MBit WLAN, 128MB Radeon Xpress1200 GPU...

Then we have an internal 4 Port USB Hub, trimmed a little. Power comes from the notebook mainboard.
Keyboard is interfaced with a trimmed Keyrah (unsoldered several connectors to get some space) via USB.
The internal Gameports are interfaced with a A-PAC via USB (more on that later).
The hubs last two ports are wired to USB connectors inside a 23 pin port (was DISK DRIVE on A600).

The notebooks VGA out it wired to the Amiga RGB Out including the +5v line.
Sound is wired from the 3,5mm connector to two cinch connectors.

The notebook get Power via a real Amiga power connector. The amiga power brick was replaced by the notebook power supply.

The "power button" goes into the composite out hole on the A600 case.

Ah and there is a RJ45 network in the "RF Out" hole. (though the notebook has wlan AND bluetooth)

--Geek facts--
Now for the geek facts...

Theres a connector for a real amiga mouse routet through the parallel port (same pinout as 4-player adapters).

It is connected to a cheap PC USB mouse with the ball removed and the pins wired to the optos. Works like a charm right out of the box!

--External Stuff--
well... as the project grew, the ideas came...

Nintendo FourScore (NES Multitap) + 2 SNES extension cables cut off both wired internaly to an usb adapter (4nes4snes). Depending on the swith you get 2x NES + 2x SNES or 4x NES pad.

Sega Multitap - sadly the multitap doesn't support MasterSystem/Amiga/Atari Style Joysticks. The multitap is wired to another usb adapter (atari_usb) which supports the multitap for 4x Genesis pad.

PC-Engine Multitap - well... this was a hard one.
I couldn't find any usb adapter for the pc-engine/turbografx that works with multitaps...
So I had to fit a 7 port usb hub + 5 pce-to-usb adapter into the Multitaps case... Never again!

**TODO** A1010-DVD
Modify a A1010 case (the drive is dead anyway) so that a standard 5,25 slimline slot-in DVD-ROM fits inside... I could have used a 1541-II but... Well thats not Amiga Style

Actually the system is running Windows XP with modified Theme (guess I'll upload it somewhere) so it looks like an Amiga.

I use Soft-15kHz to support various "oldskool" resolutions and frequencies.
It can ran pretty much every emulator on that machine.

I also use two homemade "tools" to help mimic the original feeling.

1. "AmiBar" restricts the desktop (running in 720x576) to 640x480 "in the center" so I get some colored overscan area like on the real miggy. It also checks "DEVICE_CHANGED" messages and creates/deletes drive links on the desktop.
Plug some USB stick in... voila new icon on the desktop... remove the stick, icon gone.

2. "AmiUSB" actually it checks which usb devices are plugged in so I can disable every "unused" adapter. Also, if the required adapter is missing, it displays a Kick 1.x request to connect the device.

Toni was kind enough to implement multi-resolution support into WinUAE so the notebook "behaves" like a real Amiga... Blinkin Floppy LED, switching resolutions (Dynablaster) etc.

Sadly, WinUAE as of now, doesn't support multiple soundcards OR mapping the floppy sound to a specific channel. Say I set the audio chip to 5.1 - wire frontleft & surroundleft to my left connector (and the same for the right one too) and put a small speaker in the place the floppy was, which is wired to the center speaker. I'd set WinUAE to 5.1 and route the floppy sound to the center speaker...
That would be pretty cool I think

Words of Wisdom... Damn... the A600 case is really really small...
Next one will be an A500 or a AtariST
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