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Plus a nice favicon wouldn't go amiss
Lol thats just so picky. :P

But yeah i was originally planning to do them all in one paragraph, but changed my mind later, i did notice the Amiga 1000 was in smaller font, but didnt get around to fixing it.

EDIT: Updated with new template and added a site logo. Tell me if you like the new one or preferred the old one, please.

EDIT#2: Website under going changes, so weird things may happen if you visit it.

EDIT#3: Added an Arcade to the website, Template changed again to make the arcade work. The arcade will contain flash games that are modelled off of original Amiga games, such as Space Invaders, Lemmings, Arkanoid ect.

EDIT#4: Added stats to the website, but they will be slightly inaccurate, as i had to jump the clock forward 8 hours to comply with English time. So we lost 8 hours of stats today, so i imagine less people will visit today than yesterday, due to it being a 16 hour day.

Come and have some fun, dont forget to sign up to the website to post comments.

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