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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
The Mega STE (not Mega ST) did have a 16mhz option yes but as the ROM required for it is so new most original games don't work.

The Blitter/Stereo DAC/4096 CLUT mods are fine as they are but two points...

1. ALL software still looked the same with zero improvement on the STE machines with the extra features.

2. If you thought the AGA catalogue was pathetic compared to OCS/ECS then you just check out all 5 STE only games ever written for the Atari.

Spec sheets are fine but as a user when no games are STE specifically designed and all your old games still shift along like a granny with two broken hips despite you having a good DAC/Blitter added onto the £100 extra machine you see where the problem is...........??
Perhaps for users. As someone who got a kick out of learning how to use those features I think I got my money's worth* Incidentally the STE was 10 quid cheaper than the FM when I bought it.


*Demoing stuff on it and the Amiga landed me my first games development job.
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