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Originally Posted by athiga View Post
quote in tramels own words i wanted to make a cheaper machine
for people who didnt need anything fancy and it can run dbase
using gem ect oh an its got a midi interface lol

no word of multimedia ect atari rushed a cheap machine onto the
market before comodore sold amiga's

the xbox is not as grand as the ps3
but xbox is way cheaper an was out before ps3

and like amiga v atari st guess wich one is the xbox ??

bash bash > ready to duck
As a games console only the 360's games can look more or less identical to the PS3 games thanks to a fantastic (and superior) ATI GPU. The PS3 has something akin to a dual 6800GTX setup in a PC in the RSX Nvidia supplied to Sony...the CELL is a superior geometry setup engine however so it kinda balances out. But if all you do is play games then really the cheaper option is just as good

I've no problem with the ST, it was superior to the Mac in ever way you care to mention in 1985 and it cost 75% LESS so all credit there to Jack and co.

My only point was that doubling CPU speedy properly would have given the ST a massive boost with its back catalogue (unlike the STE which didn't make any improvement to the existing or new games unless recoded for specifically)...this is part of my project I am working on though so I'll leave it at that until I am finished up on it
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