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I totaly agree with you! Hardware without software support is a hopeless case. Take for example Acorn Archimedes.
This promissing piece of equipment was really put aside from the major software companies of this era because Commodore and Atari struggled to throw this new rival out of the market.

Unfortunately, Amiga carries the image of the 'ultimate' game machine in the minds of many people. Something that is not easily erased with new 'tricks'.

Akira, you're an exception and I'm really glad that there are still many Amiga users who see the Miggy as a professional tool. But they are not so many!

Bad marketing, reckless management of economics and massive doses of arrogance lead Commodore to bankruptcy.
New, promissing plans are all end up to failure because the market runs with the speed of light and what is 'hot' for today is 'crup' for tomorrow.

I know that Macs were in the verge of extinction, but Jobbs managed to pull an ace out of his sleeve and save Apple Computers. Many engineers and musicians and architects used Macs for their profession but they still use them because Apple is trying to give more and more handy tools to make their life easier.

OK, Power PCs are more powerfull than Pentiums but if software companies for any reason decide to support Intel chipsets, the ballance will lean for the supported.
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