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Right, so here's the explanation: I actually don't have any FTP access (except of course for uploading like everyone else), since as you pointed out there's none anymore. I was in fact refering to the old one (cf. I mirrored the FTP more than 1 year ago), when I believe everybody could still access it to download, with some public login/pass... My bad for not checking again before asking my question.

Mmmmh, and as for the fact that stuff in the Zone are not archived systematically, then how long do they remain available before being deleted?

Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
There seems to be a few new members who only intrest is get files from te file server.
Well, that's not my sole interest here myself, as I consult the forum regularly. I just don't post much because I'm usually pretty busy (working in a private company in Japan is some serious business I can tell you and you get very little free time for anything) but I enjoy reading many threads and gathering lots of news and interesting trivias/infos in here...
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