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EAB's FTP restriction/management...

As a noob here, I've came to wonder 2 things about the FTP:

1- The way I understand it, many interesting things are constantly added to the Zone by members, then are archived in the FTP, right? Now I often see files that would interest me but just don't always have time to go fish for them in the Zone/FTP. Leaves me anxious to know wether everything is archived for good (in which case I don't need worry as I can still go get any stuff later when I have more time available obviously), or are files only left available in the FTP for a limited amount of time (like, older files being deleted after a certain time, or whatever other criteria being applied to regularly make space...)?

2- As you may have gathered from the 1st question, I'm a true download maniac and dedicated to collect all Amiga-related stuff I can put my mouse pointer on (to each his own kind of neurosis, right?). I will usually mass-download anything if I don't have it yet, and I admit I did just that once already last year, sucking up the whole of EAB's FTP via FileZilla. Now I'm not a dumb leecher without any regard to any policy whatsoever, and though I shamefully didn't think about asking at the time, I'm now pondering wether that's an accepted behaviour officially?
I supposed it's alright since not putting any real load on the server (I download one file at a time with FileZilla. The only thing posibly problematic here would be that it's non-stop download for a rather long period -- several days). So, please tell me if mass-downloading the whole FTP is considered ok or unacceptable (in which case please also tell me for what reasons if possible -- I'm willing to follow any rules, but only once I could ensure on my own they are proper making-sense rules, hehehe! ^^ Excuse that last comment, only revealing of my silly upbringing as a french man ! Questioning and challenging laws/rules is kind of a national hobby in my home country you know).

Please enlighten me...

(PS. I just couldn't figure a better place for posting this, I hope I made the suitable choice)
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