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It dosent say in the Manual what JP2 is for but it would appear this disables the board when its open, as the Speccy boots as if no DivIDE is connected.

I tried TV Lead, Cleaning contacts, Sandisk CF card and I still get the same results, it sees the cards if I force init by holding space but crashes on restart, plus all the random text and numbers.

I'm sure its not the cards, I've tried too many now and I dont have a digital camera that takes CF cards to try although the instructions tell you not to format in a digi cam anyway...

I really need to test it on another Speccy so I'm going to keep an eye out for a cheap 48k either off flea bay or a car boot sale, luckily car boot sale season is soon to start... YAY!

For now I think the +3 is going back in the box
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