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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Hi Zetro, I've tried 128mb (this is the one that the divide see's but crashes) a 4gb Microdrive but I only formatted a 1gb partition.

Also a 2gb CF and I tried partitioning with my windows XP install CD but with the same results This was suggested in the guide supplied by the seller.

Maybe i'll actually try connecting my CF-IDE to my PC's internal IDE instead of via the USB.

My cards are formatted Fat16 (FAT)


Hi Steve,

There are few things you have to check:

1) did you switched internal jumper from 48k mode to 128k mode (to do so you have to open DivIDE)?
2) please use Sandisk CF cards ONLY with capacity up to 128MB. I've tried with few other brands without success.
3) please make sure you REALLY formated cards to FAT16, try to do this not only on PC, but on digital camera for example, PC format might not be 100% in line with FAT16 standard; I'm not joking.

Once everything done properly you should get something like this (my speccy):

An example of bad FAT16 CF format:

So if something is wrong it's 99,9% your fault or incopatible CF card.
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