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mmmm sorry for misinformation, lemon amiga and wikipedia both say 9/9.5mb.

As for the FAQ part, sorry about that too, its just that i use HD floppies to do my amiga stuff with, i didnt know that they become corrupt after a while, i've only used them about 3 days.

I'll edit it with updated information.

About the HDD on the CDTV, wikipedia says the shop bought one came with an external floppy and hard disk drive, and it also said that there was a SCSI port for internal and external hard drives, so i imagine you can get them.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Lol yeah, i first played an Amiga when i was about 3, when Commodore went down, then my parents threw out my Amiga, havent played one since about 1996 until i bought my A600 in 2010 lol.

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