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LOL! It's just the Zero footprint PC that's been around for years and years, with Commodores name branded onto it! Only I can't even see a Commodore looking design or badge. At least the gaming PC range that came out had that going for it, plus some nifty paint jobs.

It has always looked the part to be fair and would be a great emulation retro machine. Thought about getting one a while back but they were a little expensive, since I could get a laptop for the same price. Not sure how much they are these days.

I recently got hold of a Fujitsu Siemens C5910 for my Amiga x86 fix. Much cheaper, very small and quiet, easier to upgrade and the keyboard is spill proof since it's not part of the machine. This is rather like buying a laptop without a screen!

In fact, why not just buy a laptop with a broken screen and remove it, leaving you with a smaller flat PC base unit!!! I bet you could get one for dirt cheap!

It is a unique looking thing and does deserve an old school branding to go with the old school look.
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