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"A: A commonly asked question, and one which has a simple answer. Can PC's read Amiga Floppies? By default, no, but you can buy a DD (double density) drive to plug into your PC which as far as i know, will allow you to read Amiga floppies on the PC. And for the other question, can Amiga's read PC floppies? Well this one is slightly harder to answer, really Amiga's will detect a floppy in the drive, but it wont understand what it is, usually calling it '???'. However the Amiga can write to PC floppys and turn them into Amiga floppies if you use certain programs."

Most of that isn't really correct.

* The only way to read Amiga floppies on a PC is to buy a Catweasel or a similar floppy controller, or use a trick involving two floppy drives to trick the PC's floppy controller into reading the Amiga disk (much less reliable than the Catweasel).

* Amiga Workbench version 2.05 (I think) and later can read and write PC floppy disks (albeit with 8.3 filenames) via a program called CrossDOS. However, the floppy disks must be DD; HD floppies are unreadable.

If you try to format an HD floppy on the Amiga, it will probably work for a few days, weeks or months even, but the HD format is "stronger" than the DD one, so after a while the HD data recorded previously will "show through" and corrupt the disk.
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