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Originally Posted by Jack Burton View Post
Anyway, if you look closely to the screenshots of DamageX video (those with the asian girl) we can't see any dithering,
Indeed no dithering at all. I really wonder how these videos were made. Maybe a previous version of the converter didn't put dithering in the video. Or there are undocumented arguments on the encoder that we don't know?

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Ok I've now finally got this working my using MPEG files (for some reason it has trouble when the original was an AVI?). I'm also seeing poor quality in my movies (dithering) although that might be something to do with WinUAE (can't try it on my real Amiga at the moment).
I'm only trying also on WinUAE, but i doubt it makes any difference i think. Only comparing the same encode in a real Amiga we can know. I'm unable to do that.

Again I'm puzzled about the difficulties in encoding AVI files, i have yet to have a problem on that matter. I tried like some 5 or 6 avi files without problems. What version of VirtuaDub do you use? I'm using 1.9.8 build 32706 on Win XP SP3.
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